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SEO. Social Media. CMS. Templates. Blogging. Responsive Design. eCommerce. The list of buzzwords goes on and on.

Developing a website - whether that means creating a new web presence or redesigning an existing site - can be a daunting proposition, but one that is essential for any business. We understand this and we like to try and make things as straightforward as possible for you.

Too often people may assume that a website is going to be prohibitively expensive and hesitate about moving forward. Primarily servicing the areas around Toronto, ranging from Milton to Peterborough, Global Village Design works with you to maximize your budget. A custom design that is created for your business and tastes is more affordable than you may think.

We focus on helping small to medium sized clients. We believe that a personal touch is important to the success of your project, and as such we enjoy building a relationship that will go beyond the inital development of your website. We begin with an analysis of your goals and needs, your likes and dislikes and your timelines and budget and then together plan out the solution that is right for you.

If you have a site already the approach is similar however we also factor in your experiences and look at things such as whether you are looking for an overdue visual facelift or new functionality or ???

Design with a Social Conscience?

People wonder about this somewhat odd catch-phrase or slogan. Design. Social Conscience. Not what you usually put together, and seemingly unrelated to a web site design company. We disagree. Our philosophy is Reach Globally, Design Locally, paraphrasing a well-known saying intended to reflect the idea that our local community is part of the global community - the "we're in this together" premise.

Global Village Web Design and Hosting Wind Power for Hosting Pic

And here is where our concept of Design with a Social Conscience kicks in. Global Village Design provides Green Web Hosting that is 100% Wind Powered. By taking advantage of hosting where the power usage is offset through the use of Green Tags we are proud to say that each of our clients is acting as a good corporate citizen. We also want you to feel that choosing us for your project is a positive step in more ways than one so we proudly donate a portion of the cost of your web development project to Kiva.

Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Our most recent loan recipient is showcased in the column to the right.

Featured Project

Trans Africa Pipeline Project

globalvillageweb.ca Featured Project
Trans Africa Pipeline Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing water solutions for the sub-Sahara Sahel region of Africa.

Their current vision involves constructing a water pipeline network across this region to provide clean water for people and irrigation to create farming oases.

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Featured Micro-Loan


globalvillageweb.ca Featured Project
Dulce is 52 years old and has a live-in partner and seven children, two of whom are still in school. She is a very hardworking entrepreneur with a business producing and selling food in the Philippines.

She requested a PHP 10,000 loan amount through NWTF to buy ingredients for her business. Dulce has been in this business for 23 years. In the future, she would like to save enough money to be able to afford to send her children to college.

A Selection of Global Village's Website Designs

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    Sarah Ammons - Fine Art

    Sarah is an emerging artist who wanted a clean and simple way to communicate with her audience. She is currently a fan of gentle, almost pastel colours and wanted a site that reflects herself at the moment.

    As her work is better known and her opportunities to show continue to grow her website will reflect where she is at in her career. This website is a custom CMS site allowing the client to control the content throughout the site without being overwhelmed with an overly complicated admin area.

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  • Charbin Cleantech Communications

    Charbin Cleantech Communications

    This website was developed to give their clients a way to quickly get the talking points of what this consulting firm offers. The use of colour and industry-specific evocative images were the keys to getting their message across with more than words.

    This client wanted to have limited access to update a specific section of the website so a custom solution was built.

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  • Elements Studio

    Elements Studio

    This hair salon is small but constantly booked and so the client wanted a website to help alleviate the constant phone calls coming in while her client's are being serviced. To that end she wanted a website that allowed her clients to get a brief overview of the services available and then be able to electronically submit an appointment request.

    The keys were to keep it clean and simple while letting some of the artistic nature of her business shine through. A personal touch was employed through the use of photographs that connect to a hair competetion the salon owner had done well in previously.

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  • You're Lookin Good

    You're Lookin Good

    This project was a long-overdue site overhaul. The previous site was a basic information site with some PayPal buttons for some of their products but the client felt it was time to rebrand themselves with a visual facelift as well as moving the site to be an eCommerce website.

    This business previously had multiple domains and even two different websites coexisting simultaneously so work was done to streamline their online presence and we worked together to create a cleaner look for the one, newly combined website.

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  • Lazer X-Treme

    Lazer X-Treme

    This client was in a somewhat unique position in that they are a local business but there are ties and competetion with a much larger operation. This meant that they wanted something simple and affordable and easy to use but that was eye-catching enough to attract both their target audience and the parents of the kids that go in to play.

    The site also needed for the functionality to be flexible enough to grow as their needs develop, so the site was done with a custom Content Management System back-end. Other promotional materials such as artwork for t-shirts and business cards were also created.

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  • New Dawn Counselling

    New Dawn Counselling

    Looking to give her clients the chance to feel comfortable with both herself and her approaches this counsellor opted for a calming and simple design. She wanted something that was going to work well and look good on smaller, older computers also to accommodate all of her clientele so we worked together to develop something this small business owner could advertise with pride.

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  • PSAC Local 610

    PSAC Local 610

    PSAC Local 610 is composed of the Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) and Postdoctoral Associates (Postdocs) of the University of Western Ontario. There is a crossover with some of their members and the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) at UWO so a cohesive web presence was desired.

    This site has a full CMS and is similar in layout to the SOGS site to help with the sub-conscious connection between them.

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  • Solena Fuels

    Kedron Park

    This community association needed a website to keep members up-to-date but also have the possibility of taking online registration down the road. They wanted to have the ability to edit their content so this was another great option for a Joomla! site.

    They were also in need of a logo so we worked together to brand them first and then integrate the new logo into their site.

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  • Songlines Healing

    Songlines Healing

    Songlines Ancient Shamanic Healing is a one-person business that needed a simple information site. The goal was to build the site to be supplemental to what someone might think they know about the healing work she performs and present the information in a warm, uncluttered manner.

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  • Starfish Scholarships

    Starfish Scholarships

    This not-for-profit needed a web presence to both communicate their mission to the public as well as create an easier way for people to contribute suggestions for scholarship recipients or financially.

    This website is a straightforward information site with the emphasis being the use of colour and images to engage the user along with a simple, easy-to-navigate layout.

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  • Trans Africa Pipeline

    Trans Africa Pipeline

    This amazing project to build desalination plants and a potable-water pipeline across sub-Saharan Africa is still in its infancy but the first step was to create an online presence that could be built upon as the project takes off.

    A not-for-profit organization, the Trans Africa Pipeline Project needed a Content Management System driven website that would begin as an information only site but be ready to evolve into taking donations and be more interactive with their audience.

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    TRC Ltd. - Industrial Supply and Manufacturing

    TRC Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide assortment of products and services related to fluid power and hose assemblies. As such, they wanted a site that was both easy to navigate and had a slighttly industrial feel to it.

    One key for this client was the ability to manage some of their content on a day-to-day basis but without a CMS that was too overwhelming - the solution was a custom administrative area which targets the sections of the website that need frequent updates.

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